This is stom's miscellaneous repository of guides, documentation and links to various projects

Also known as:

I mostly go by a variation of Stom, originally stom66, although I've been named Me, I'm Counting on Steam for several years now. You might have found this site through my Steam profile, or another gaming-related avenue. This website serves as a dumping ground for my various interests. It contains some documentation, notes on various projects and the odd back story.

Some things I've done:

I tinker a lot. I made a Tabletop Simulator mod called BattleAtlas. I got over-involved in an OGame Android clone called Galaxy at War, managing a bunch of tools for a couple of years. I host and maintain a number of websites as part of my two-Tom-team at TomSquared. I'm involved in an open source effort to make a space game in the style of Kerbal Space Program with an assorted bunch of Redditors. Some of my creations are scattered throughout this site.